Classmate Profiles (1931)

     In Memory: 25
     Contains "In Memory" entry: 12


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Leopold Bahl (Bahl)   
Margery Ball (Unger)   
Doris Bunstock (Ball)  
Ira Cadman (Cadman)  
Mary Collins (Palmer)  
John Dunbar (Dunbar)  
Dorothy Fitch (Nicholson)   
Lorene Hein (Wagner)  
Myrle Heskett (Haigwood)   
Burdette Hesterwerth (Hesterw…)   
Roberta Hesterwerth (Hesterwerth)   
Genevive Ike (Wagner)   
Jessie Markwad (Green)  
Anne Modrell (Wolf)  
Mary Perkins (Eiler)   
Helen Ploussard (Merrell)  
Veta Mae Poore (Ray)   
Effie Search (Search)  
June Sines (Bahl)   
Eletha Smith (Rea)  
Leslie Stennette (Stennette)  
Dr Gerald Turley (Turley)
Helen Turner (Brooks)   
Loren Varvle (Varvle)  
Josephine Wagner (Leibrandt)  
Thelma Wilcox (Randolph)   

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